Alana Vaccaro

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Duration: July 2022- October 2022
Role: Product Design & User Research
Primary User: Carriers


Convoy Assisted Planning


Working at Convoy, I had the opportunity to learn about freight and dive into the day-to-day of carriers. One of the special opportunities I had was attending MATS, Mid America Trucking Show (, the largest truck trade show located in Louisville, Kentucky.

At MATS, we had the pleasure to interact was tons of carriers, both Convoy users and carriers who had never heard of us. We wanted to learn how carriers felt about our app; what they liked, didn’t like, and what they needed. One theme kept occurring, carriers wanted reloads.

So, what’s a reload? After a carrier has completed a pickup, a reload either brings the carrier back to their origin or to another destination with the goal of reducing the amount of deadhead miles.

Post MATS, me and my fellow designer came back with a mission: to improve reloads in the Convoy app. The Convoy app already had reloads, but the experience was not ideal and needed an overhaul.

Project Goal

Carriers want to reduce the amount of deadhead miles and have more cost efficient routes so how can we provide carriers with the ability to build their own batch/select a relod and plan for effectivel.

This case study is currently in the works. Please check back in soon or @ ✉️